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  • Bodywork Sessions

    Not all bodywork is created equally.

    At Shanti Bodywork, we understand that each individual has very unique needs. By discussing exactly what your needs may be, we are able to create a bodywork session just for you and provide relief, relaxation and an overall sense of “Ahhh.” Your session can include massage, reflexology...or a combination of the two!

    Whether you are training for a marathon and need deep, structural work, or you are training for motherhood and need some relaxing and pain relieving pre-natal attention, we will work together to develop the perfect plan. 

    We support and welcome individuals in every stage of life, and every situation - from teen athletes and "average" adults, to those working through injury and surgery rehabilitation, those working through emotional trauma (e.g. PTSD), and those with physical limitations (we are wheelchair-friendly :)).

    Each session borrows from a range of modalities and techniques in order to ensure you leave feeling fantastic!
  • Add-On Services

    Need a little more time on the table? Want to add some aromatherapy to your session? Check out these great add-ons!
  • Pediatric Services